Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Speech Video 01/23/2013

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Our last speech video was created on December 5.  At that time, we were at 24 words and 9 different isolated sounds - all made with little to no issues.  I encourage you to go back and watch that video before this one to really get a good idea of the changes.  December 5 Speech Video

I took my previous post and started to go through the words he was successful with at the last video when I made this.  The words at that time:  Ayden, Mommy, Daddy, Issac, Emma, sissy, car, cupcake, turtle, turkey, oink, gobble, quack, woof, moo, yeah!, bubble, bus, birds, fish, ball, apple, brother, eagle.  And the sounds:  /b/, /g/, /t/, /p/, /c/, /s/, /a/, /m/, /i/.  We barely made it through half the list and you'll see him slowly lose focus more and more as well as protest.

I didn't count today for an exact number, but we're back to about 5 words.  Maybe 10 with a lot of pressure.  The last video was taken right before we started noticing things getting worse in the double blind portion of the STX 209 trial.  Ayden became considerably worse over the course of the next six weeks while on the maintenance portion and into the titrating down portion of the trial.  His speech slowly regressed along with a lot of other gains.  I wish I would have done this before we started the open-label, because while this is bad it is still better than it was a week ago.  We are 5 days into the open-label where we know we are receiving the medication and are beginning to see a bit of improvement in his focus and speech.  I am hopeful as we get his dosing correct in the open label that we will begin to see these gains return and our next speech video will be much better.


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