Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project 365 - Week 3


Another week down, 49 to go!  Week 3 of Project 365 is completed (even though this post is a day late).  Here's a little snippet of our life from the past week, though one large event is missing - the loss of the diamond from my wedding ring.  This event is also the reason this post is late as I wasn't by the computer to upload it yesterday, instead running around getting a new diamond in my ring.  Look for the picture of that in next weeks edition.  You can view full sized pictures and previous weeks at the photostream located HERE.

My favorite from the week was again another black and white, taken on Day 18.  This one was on one of our many recent trips to Chicago for the STX 209 trial.  Our final visit of the double-blind portion of the study and first visit of the open label extension.  This was taken after a 4 hour drive followed by a 4 hour appointment.  We were changing into pajamas in the back of the van before we left for home.  Low light, no flash, and snapped over two rows of seats - it portrays perfectly how I remember moments like this.


  1. I love the bathtub shot. Looks like our bathroom during bathtime! Actually, almost literally...tub and toilet in same place, floor tile looks same color, and yellow walls!

  2. P.S. So sorry about the diamond. Almost happened to mine. I know that must be a huge bummer!