Monday, January 7, 2013

Back At It!

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Holidays from school are such a bittersweet time for me.  I adore having more time with Ayden.  I still feel a little like I was robbed of time with him by sending him to school so early.  I mean, the main point of being a stay-at-home mom is to spend time with my kids.  I know sending him was the right decision, doesn't change the fact I miss him though.   So..holidays.  I love them because of that extra time with Ayden, but hate them because it also puts him into such a funk to have his schedule that rearranged.  Not just during the holidays, but also when he goes back.  It wasn't a fight to get him out the door, but he wasn't excited to go until he saw the bus.  Of course we had to add to the confusion by the bus driver coming late AND in a different bus then he had to walk in the snow (heaven forbid!) AND he had to change his seat (that he picked and has sat in since he was 3!) because the reason for the new bus and being late was because of a new student who is in a wheel chair who obviously needs the handicapped seat.  He did roll with the changes though, despite the fact he was not prepared for any of them except heading to school.  I did make sure I started preparing him on Friday for that one.  (sometimes, I am on the ball - I swear it!)

So, we are back at it.  Daily routines, school, homework...and all the while being weaned off STX209 (if he is actually on it and not a placebo, though that isn't really a question in my mind).

Speaking of the weaning off...the hitting and aggression we were seeing has slowed down.  It's not gone yet, but we're only one week into the weaning kit.  That we're seeing it reduced is wonderful and completely what was expected.


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