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Mr Awesome and I met in 1999, during my first and his second year at college.  We were very quickly inserparable, but it wasn't until 2005 when we officially started planning our wedding.  We were married in July 2006 and almost a year later we welcomed our first baby into the world, Ayden.  Shortly after Ayden's first birthday, we found out we were expecting again and in April 2008 Issac made us a family of four.  It wasn't until February of 2012 that our little princess Emmalina entered our lives though and completed our family of five.

Our family - Christmas 2012

Ayden, Age 6
FX Diagnosis Date:  March 2011

Ayden has many difficulties because of Fragile X Syndrome as do most boys with the full mutation.  He is partially methylated, so his body still does produce some of the much needed FMRP protein.  Ayden is heading into first grade in September.  He will be in a general education classroom (inclusion) with one-on-one pullout for approximately one hour per day.  He also receives speech therapy and occupational therapy while at school.  His favorite things to do are play Plants & Zombies, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds, Mario Kart with Issac and Daddy, swimming, and playing with friends.

You can read Ayden's diagnosis story here:  Ayden's Story

Issac, Age 4
FX Diagnosis Date: NA

Issac was tested for Fragile X Syndrome and received a negative diagnosis in March 2013.  He is our second child, but the last of the three to be tested for Fragile X.  He is a neuro-typical child (as expected) and certainly all boy.  Issac's favorite things are drawing, Ninja Turtles, Skylanders, playing Mario Kart with Daddy and Ayden, and basically anything superhero.

You can read more about Issac here:  Issac's Story

Emmalina, Age 18 months
FX Diagnosis Date:  March 2012

Emmalina was tested at birth for Fragile X Syndrome and has the full mutation like her oldest brother.  She is (so far) typically developing though is beginning to show more signs of anxiety and minor sensory issues as she gets older.  Both are very minor thus far though and will hopefully be extremely managable for her as she grows up.  Emma's favorite things right now are animals - especially dogs and ducks.  She also really enjoys climbing and doing whatever her brothers happen to be doing.

You can read more about Emma's development here:  Emma's Story


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