Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Heart Faces | Best Face of 2012

Just want to note that while my blog is primarily Fragile X related, a lot of photography posts are going to start popping up this year too.  This is something I'm adding in for my mental health, a little getaway from the challenges of living with Fragile X and just being a mom in general.  I've come to realize that taking care of my mental well being is very important to caring for my kids and even more critical being a Fragile X carrier as we tend to be more prone to depression and anxiety.  Hopefully ya'll will keep reading and enjoying!

Since I'm working on my photography this year, I've been following a few other photography blogs.  I ran across one this past week that I'm very in love with.  They host photo challenges, and since I am participating in that nice photo-a-day thing - well, it seems like a fun thing to enter!

This photo challenge is called Best Face of 2012 and requires an image from 2012, so an old imagine instead of one of the newer ones I've been taking.

It's not my best from 2012, but certainly one of my favorites!

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Photo Challenge Submission


  1. So sweet - love the blue blue eyes!

  2. So cute! I love all the colors.

  3. I am really glad you discovered I heart faces! Isn't it the best place. You will have a wonderful time this year joining in the monthly challenges. I have found that being a part of I heart faces is one of the best things anyone can do for their photography journey! Welcome! Your daughter is adorable. What a sweet picture : ).