Wednesday, December 26, 2012

STX 209 - Update 3

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I know this post is crazy overdue...but other things keep requiring my attention this holiday season.  Now that it's almost over and I have a few minutes to breath..(who am I kidding there?  I never have time to breathe!)

My last update was in mid-November, almost six weeks ago.  We have been on the "maintenance" portion of the trial for a while now.  This means we have been on a steady dose of whatever level of drug (or placebo) we were assigned to in the randomization.

Behaviorally..Ayden is doing okay.  It really depends on the day.  I can say without reservation that there have been changes.  His good is much better.  He is more functional and anxiety is very much decreased from what it was when we started.  The flip side of this is his meltdowns - when they do occur - are terrible. We've seen many more instances of throwing himself on the ground, slamming his head into the wall, throwing materials at school, and hitting himself in the head.  We've randomly seen all of these issues come and go with Ayden, but it is every time his anxiety gets bad or he is frustrated that we see them now.  None of it has harmed himself or others but it's very difficult to watch.   I was looking forward to starting to wean him off the drug for this reason, but our appointment was rescheduled due to weather so we have another week still before we start the weaning process.   I personally believe he is on too high of a dose (though we have discussed the possibility he is on too low of a dose as well) so getting into the extension will be interesting.

As far as speech goes, we are progressing.  Since my last update on the trial we have added more words and also sound isolation/imitation.  This is perhaps the most exciting to me of everything we have seen.  Ayden has been in speech therapy forever, but without even attempting to imitate or isolate sounds speech therapy doesn't do much good.  I very much understand it just could be time for this to start happening for him and the fact we are in the trial could be coincidence - but I just don't think it is.   Time will tell, though!

My next update will be during or after the weaning process.  If he has been on the medication this entire time as I think he is, we should notice some significant changes back to old behaviors.  Here's hoping I keep my sanity the next month or two as we transition him off and then back on again for the extension.


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