Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Speech Video 12/5/2012

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It has been about two months since I made the last speech video for Ayden.  I sat down to make another one today.  We are now at 24 words and able to isolate at least 9 sounds.  Last time I did this on 10/10/12 we were only at 14 words, no sound isolation, and no attempts to imitate.  You may also remember we have since that time started on the STX 209 trial (our start date was 10/29)

I have more to add about STX 209..but that will be another post.  We are in the maintenance portion of the trial right now and will begin the weaning portion around Christmas.

He doesn't do all the words great this go around - partly because I'm rewarding him with M&Ms (forgive his open mouth) and partly because he just didn't want to do it.  Mom broke his routine by making him sit still to do some speaking.  His sound isolation isn't very good here either, school is having much more success with isolation than I am at home.  We didn't hear the /t/ isolation for almost two weeks after school started hearing it - which is why the /a/ and /i/ isolation is almost non-existent in the video (these are new).

Our current words:  Ayden, Mommy, Daddy, Issac, Emma, sissy, car, cupcake, turtle, turkey, oink, gobble, quack, woof, moo, yeah!, bubble, bus, birds, fish, ball, apple, brother, eagle.

Our current sounds:  /b/, /g/, /t/, /p/, /c/, /s/, /a/, /m/, /i/


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