Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mission: iPossible

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National Fragile X Awareness Day is Friday, July 22, 2011.  Please take a few moments to share Fragile X with someone who may not be aware.

In what will be one of my last posts referring to the iPad drama of the past few weeks, I want to tell everyone a little bit about what has been dubbed Mission: iPossible.

At the bottom of the iPad Giveaway post, I made a short comment referring to MiP:

There are other things in motion that hopefully can make this, tragedy, not so terrible.  I'm going to be honest though and say I'm not ready to link to them on this blog; however, if they work out it will be a tremendous blessing for so many.

Well, as of today, I am now ready to "link up" so to speak. 

MiP came into being because of what happened with the iPad giveaway we were involved in and have already delivered an iPad into the hands of one of the children promised one by Marissa's Bunny.  It's quite an amazing thing the group there is doing, and while I could go on to explain I urge you to check their website our for yourself.  Read their mission and the handful of posts, I hope what they are doing touches you as much as it did me.

Two small disclaimers on this...

First... due to the generosity of one very special friend of mine, we have pulled our name from the recipient list of MiP.  Stay tuned on Monday to hear more about this.

Second... I am in no way advocating giving money to MiP.  (they don't have a way to donate yet, but from what I understand it is forthcoming).  After what happened with MB, I am in no way advising anyone to give money without looking into it yourself and making sure it's legitimate.  I don't know any of the people in charge of MiP, but I have had conversations with Ken over email that I can say without a doubt he is a trustworthy guy as far as this goes. (I could give all my reasons for coming to this decision, but I think each person should decide for themselves.)   I'm very lucky to have come into contact with him and many of the other bloggers that were winners or involved in this whole thing.  Each story is touching, tear jerking, and such an amazing show of strength and perseverance from these very special kids' parents.

Even so, please don't take my word for this. You should feel comfortable with any website you are donating to or entering a giveaway on.  Take some time to read the post over at Love That Max about donating money too, it's good info!  Most of all, trust your gut.  There ARE good people out there who follow through on giveaways. summarize! 
Go here and read about MiP

Go here and read about donating money online.
Then go here and share the Fragile X Awareness Day post
- don't forget it's coming up on Friday!!

Come back on Monday to hear about our happy ending to this story.


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