Tuesday, July 2, 2013

National Fragile X Awareness Month

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July marks the beginning of National Fragile X Awareness Month.  Each year on my blog I've attempted to do something to raise awareness during the month on this blog.  This year, I've realized that I haven't come up with anything special and part of that is because I've been raising awareness a lot the past few months from Advocacy Day and writing letters to members of congress to helping found the STX209stories website.  It has been a good few months for raising awareness about Fragile X Syndrome!

In addition to all this, we are hosting the first mid-Michigan Fragile X Fundraiser right here in Holt this month!    I was able to secure a corproate sponsor through the help of a friend of ours as well as put together the event.  It isn't going to be huge, but we certainly are raising some money and definitely some awareness for Fragile X!  Checkout our event page here:  A Day At The Park

So..to kick off Fragile X Awareness Month and our fundraiser event month - here is a preview of the back of the t-shirts!  The t-shirts themselves will be kelly green.


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