Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Good and Not-So-Good

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I have tons to share, but today just want to do a brief update.  We just returned home from a wedding that all three of the kids were in (for their aunt) and I didn't get to post a couple things I want to be sure get some attention.

Friday, something big happened.  REALLY BIG.

New York Times BIG.

I was interviewed a few weeks ago by a reporter for the New York Times about the end of the arbaclofen (STX209) trial.  The article has a few of my quotes in it along with a couple other fragile x parents.  I bought two copies.  I'm elated  that fragile x syndrome made an appearance on the front of the business page of the NYT.  E-L-A-T-E-D.

Then today, something big in it's own right happened.

Big, but not unexpected.

Big, but not good.

Titration began today.  Our last day with arbaclofen will be June 23.

I'm sure you'll have much to read about over the next two weeks, because I certainly will have much to say.   Normally I hold the worst back from here, because it is difficult to write.   It somehow seems more real to me in ink.  It needs to be documented this time, though.  I want others to see how this drug is helping but more importantly how taking it away is hurting.  


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