Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Therapy Wins

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We had our bi-weekly physical therapy appointment for Emma yesterday.  It's pretty awesome to hear at the end that she is doing fantastic.  As of 3.5 months, she is still meeting or exceeding all of her developmental milestones.  It's also a big relief.

Each appointment we've had has brought with it a new problem or issue to work on and we've just taken each thing in stride.  But now she's rolling over (tummy to back), enjoying tummy time, smiling, cooing, and just all around doing amazing.  Our PT went over each thing she should have accomplished by 3-4 months - and she's done them all.  She's actually even mastered quite a few of the milestones in the 4-5 month category.  We still have things to work on such as the high tone in her trunk/legs and the fact she extends quite a bit, but these are minor issues and are correcting themselves as we work with her and she grows.

I honestly am so glad we were assigned an amazing physical therapist for Emma.  I can't even begin to explain how much better everything feels when you have people working with your kids that truly care and just go over and above for you.  Ayden's occupational therapist was one of those people, and Emma's PT is one as well.

On another note...we'll be attending Ayden's IEP tomorrow so look for an update regarding him soon!


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