Thursday, May 17, 2012

Clinical Trials

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Yesterday, FRAXA hosted a webinar about some of the current clinical trials for Fragile X.  The webinar covered the two main types of treatments that are in clinical trials right now - GABA-B agonists and mGluR5 antagonists.  It also covered some pretty detailed information about the clinical trials for STX209, AFQ056, and RO4917523.  What was involved, length, qualifications, etc.  Overall very interesting and informative stuff.

I'm not going to go over the information covered in the webinar, but wanted to link the power point presentation here for anyone interested.  I also want to point out that STX209 is also in clinical trials for Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as Fragile X.

These trials are very promising.  I know so many FXS families with their kids enrolled in one or the other that are having fantastic results.  It really bring a lot of hope that we soon will have medications approved that can help our kids out.  These aren't miracle drugs, but even peeling away one small layer of anxiety or problems for our kids can open up an entire new world for them (and us as parents!)

Here is a link to the webinar:  FRAXA Webinar Slides

A big thank you to the presenters and FRAXA for putting this together!!


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