Friday, April 27, 2012

Physical Therapy

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Emma started physical therapy yesterday.  I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact another of my kids is in therapy, but I know it is for the best.  Our PT is pretty awesome.  I really liked her from the start, and after our first session I like her even more.

We started Emma on some exercises to loosen her legs and trunk area where she is having high tone issues.  It's not terrible, but the exercises do help.  We do a few reps after each diaper change (though I may start before so we don't have so many poops in a clean diaper!)  Just the few times we did them yesterday had me noticing an improvement in her flexibility.  This morning was a definite improvement in just 24 hours.  Plus, she loves it, of course it's just play time to her!  So we continue...and hope her high tone gets better and will not be the cause of any developmental delays.

The other thing we talked about was different ways to work on tummy time and getting rid of her preference to look to the right.  Mostly we just need to encourage her to use her left side and stay off the back of her head as much as possible.  I'm sure it will work out, it's just frustrating to have yet another thing.

The PT did do a full check of her neck as well.  I was a bit concerned with her tummy time hate that maybe she was a little tight there too.  Of course my concern was for nothing.  She has full range of motion in her head/neck area and isn't tight at all.

We also talked a little yesterday about this shaking that Emma started doing as well.  I noticed it probably last weekend the first time.  When we sit her up, either supporting her or in her bumbo her head and/or hands shake.  She's completely responsive and has no change in demeanor, plus the movement is not rhythmic so it isn't a seizure; however, it is something we need to watch.  I was glad the PT saw it happen and it wasn't just me explaining it to her.  Most likely it is just her developing and using her new muscles more which is common in babies.  It has only happened when she's doing things that are difficult for her such as sitting or holding up her head/moving it around.  I'm beginning to track it though just in case and will probably get it on video as well - again just in case.  Things like this can be neurological problems like seizures or tremors, but they can also be normal. (such a wide range!)  By tracking we'll know if there is a pattern or if we see an increase in frequency or duration.  No matter what, we'll definitely be bringing it up with the pediatrician at her next visit.


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