Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Minocycline Update - Week 2

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So, we're now inching into week 3 on the minocycline.  I'm noticing two pretty big things happening with Ayden.

First, there is certainly an increase in the type and amount of sounds coming from him.  His humming that he has done forever has turned into a mix of sounds/babbles and humming all mixed together.  He will look at you and babble away as if telling you something, but it is usually not able to be understood.  Along with this is also an increase in communication.  He's trying so hard to communicate with us outside the bounds of just normal wants/needs.  I noticed him approaching two people in conversation multiple times over the past week where he was following the conversation back and forth.  I've even noticed he has moved away from just requesting his preferred items to requesting any item he can - and finding unique ways to request the item if we happen to not have a card available for what he does want.  These are all fantastic leaps for him, and within the course of two weeks makes me extremely happy.

Second, we are beginning to see him playing with toys and items in not such an obsessive manner.  He's been very good about switching between toys/items even when they are his preferred items much more quickly than normal.  He's also finding interest in toys that aren't just his normal types of toys quite often.  He still sticks with toys that spin, move, or make noise for the most part but seeing him pick up and action figure has not been outside the realm of possibility recently.

As an update to the observations last week, the sleepiness has definitely worn off.  I'd put that in the category of either just adjusting to the medicine or his allergies/cold he had going on.  The increase in stim behaviors also seems to have diminished as well.  He's back to his humming at a normal level (though as I mentioned, the humming is mixed with babbling now), the flapping is less than normal but more than last week, and the rocking seems to have disappeared altogether.

With him back to school this week, I'm going to be very interested to see if his teachers notice any changes as well.  Until next time...


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