Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some Words

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It's really a joy to hear your kids begin to speak, but for those kids where there is a speech delay - well, let's just say it's about 100 times more amazing when you hear them actually start verbalizing.

I hesitate to make this post, because we've gained and then lost some speech before - but you never know this time! Ayden started saying a few words back in December, but after our family went though a car accident in January the words seems to disappear. Ayden definitely regressed a little, but it seems to be coming back now. I had the luck to catch a few of the words he's been saying on video this morning. If my count is right, we're up to four actual words now. Mama, bird, car, and now ball.

I was going to put the video up here..but it is being difficult right now. For those of you that are on our can view it there.


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