Friday, March 25, 2011

PECS Cards

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We started having some success with PECS at home finally with Ayden.  (He's been using it at school since October or so.)  PECS is our main focus area for the summer - so I just started a little early.  I'm going to make all the cards myself for now, then just add new ones as needed.   I took the time and created a Photoshop template tonight that can hold 8 3x2 cards.  

We will be starting with some of his preferred items in food and toys for now.  I'm not positive how I'm going to start him off yet because I don't want to do the same thing they have at school.  School PECS consists of offering two cards, then letting him choose - I want to give him as much independance at home as possible.  I think at home, we'll use that method when he has a choice (i.e. would you like milk or water with your food); however, I am pretty sure I will also be keeping a board or book of things like eat or drink that is within his reach to bring to me when he wants that particular thing. I've often found with Ayden that he is happier doing things himself and feeling like he made the choice (even if we put restraints on his choice).  My thought is to keep those things with his visual schedule... Of course I won't throw it all at him at one time, so hopefully it will fall into place as we begin to implement.

I know my way isn't the 'normal' way to do things, but nothing that has the label normal on it ever works with Ayden so I'm not too worried.  I also added signs to a few of the cards, to see how he does with that.  He is starting to pick up more signs, but it seems they are the ones he chooses to - not necessarily the ones we push or request of him.

Here's a glance at my first few sets of PECS!


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