Monday, March 28, 2011

Crying over spilled milk

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Ayden spilled his milk at lunch today.  He wasn't paying attention when he sat it down, and it caught the edge of his plate.  I watched it happen, and am working on "uh oh" with the kids when they do something wrong. (It seems silly, but when my eyes can't be on them every second uh-oh can certainly save me a stain on my carpet or a kid or me falling because they spilled on the linoleum and didn't mention it)  So, I say "uh oh!" as I'm grabbing a towel to clean up.  I watched Ayden start to get upset, then reel it in only to begin screaming, flailing, and crying in the next breath.....  It took me a second, but I realized that he had a bib on so it didn't get him wet right away! 

Well, either he is getting better or I am (or both!) but we made it through cleaning up of Ayden, spilled milk, and the lunch dishes with minimal tears and he even washed his hands at the sink afterwards including 'humming' along while we sang the ABC's (to make sure we wash long enough, of course!)

Sometimes, the small things are all it takes to make your day.


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