Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Feeling Frustrated

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It isn't often I put down frustrations on here - but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with them right now.  Back in the update for Emmalina, I posted about how we were having an OT out to evaluate her sensory issues.  I sat with the OT who basically did a sensory evaluation by asking me questions and very little observation (NO interaction) with Emma.  At the end, she told me Emma is a sensory seeker but seemed to be self-regulating so her issue were not affecting her everyday life.  She did not recommend any therapy to help.  It was mostly what I expected to hear so didn't think much farther on the issue and began the process of attempting to remove her from EarlyOn.

A few weeks later, Mr Awesome and I were discussing removing Emma's pacifier.  She's pretty attached to it, but not in a normal kid kind of way.  I feel like it is oral sensory for her which concerned me to just cold-turkey pull it without a replacement.  We did that with Ayden before we understood and even to this day have problems with him chewing on his clothes, hands, blankets etc.  It took almost two years to successfully direct him to a chewy tube and even now we have to remind him.  I do not want this to happen with Emma, thus the email to the amazing FX SLP/OT duo Mouse and Tracy.  I explained about sensory issues, her OT eval and what I was told then what we wanted to do.  Surprisingly to me, their response was essentially that the OT that evaluated Emma had been incorrect.  That a two year old cannot self regulate (even typically developing) and that pulling Emma's binky without a sensory diet in place to "replace" that oral sensory seeking would be exactly what we had happen with Ayden.

Thus my frustration.  I trust Mouse and Tracy without a doubt and they certainly helped as much as they could over email. So our options are then to push EarlyOn to provide OT for Emma or to do it ourselves.  We looked into private OT with Ayden and it just is not an option for us.  Lack of providers in this area, high prices, and no insurance coverage.  Even if we could combat that - there is an 8-9 month wait to even be evaluated.  The OT that evaluated Emma is the only one in our country for EarlyOn which means if I push service I will have an OT who doesn't think she actually needs it and will undoubtably not be very helpful.  

I decided that maybe it would be smart to get Emma an appointment at the FX clinic.  I was hoping that we could piggy-back her onto Ayden's upcoming appointment in May since we go to Chicago - but upon contacting them they just can't fit both in.  Our earliest date for her to be seen is in August.  This was not unexpected nor am I mad at the clinic (they are amazing), but is still just another thing.

Through all of this, we are also running into problems getting Emma OUT of EarlyOn.  They aren't helping us at all, so no need to be in it.  Yet they keep making excuses when I try to take her out.  We should finally have all the needed information soon and then hopefully that will be the end of it.

So, we are left with figuring it out ourselves.  It isn't all bad, but it is going to be trial and error and we will undoubtably make mistakes along the way.  My consolation in all this is that the sensory issues aren't that bad.  They aren't affecting her life much right now, and maybe won't ever.  I'm just so frustrated with the way this is working out.

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