Thursday, January 23, 2014

Update on the Family Part 3: Issac

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This should be the easiest of my updates, no worries about any developmental issues!  Right now though, this little guy is my most difficult child.  He is mouthy, stubborn, strong willed, bossy, confident, and exactly a perfect mix of his mom and dad.  You know that kid your parents always tell you they can't wait that you have - Issac is mine.

The daily grind with Issac usually consists of him bossy his brother and sister around, a lot of tattling, and a lot of telling mom and dad how he thinks life should work (and pouting when it isn't the way he thinks it should be).  In with all that though, is this little boy who has an immense imagination.  He loves to draw, make up adventures, make/create new games...I listen to him and am just in awe of what he creates.  And he loves - oh does he love.  He has the biggest heart of most any child I have ever met.  Developmentally, he is like a typically almost-five-year-old.  He is more than ready for school academically and ready to start kindergarten in the fall.  Socially he will have some catching up to do once he does start, but I doubt that will hinder his learning.  He can do most of Ayden's first grade homework so if anything he be a little bored which will give him adequate time to work on social interaction.  Really though, totally typical for this age.  It will be much more of a struggle for Mom to send him to school and be without him for a full day!

This a very short update for Issac, but I didn't really want to leave him out.  It is odd having my non-fxer sandwiched between my two FX kiddos.  He teaches us how to be parents a lot (because we don't get feedback from Ayden) so in some ways he has the duties and responsibilities of our oldest child even though he is not.  I imagine the balance between those responsibilities and still being a younger brother will be something that we try to keep in check most of his life.  For now, we mostly have it though it will change and adapt as our family does.


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