Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy 8 Months, Emmalina!

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I've been really terrible about doing monthly posts for Emma.  I think in some ways I'm still coming to terms with the fact she has Fragile X.  It seems an odd thing to say because we've always known it was possible and have known for sure since she was less than a month old.  More so than with the other kids, we were totally aware of what having a child affected with Fragile X could mean.  Regardless, every day with her is a reason to celebrate.  I worry and stress about her development, but constantly remind myself that we are doing all we can.

This past week, we celebrated 8 months with Miss Emma.  She's getting big so quickly!  This age is so much fun though.  Her personality is really beginning to emerge.  I cannot say enough how much of a handful this girl is going to be!  Developmentally speaking, she is still testing into her age range in all areas.  Being as overly worrisome as I am about her though, I'm seeing red flags in Expressive Language and Gross Motor.  I try so hard not to compare her to others her age, but she's not crawling yet and still struggles rolling from back to belly on her left side (though she can do it).  She also is not using any consonant-vowel sounds as of yet.  (ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba type of sounds).  Even with those areas though, she is still testing fine.  Our PT reassured me that without a diagnosis she would not concerned at all, but mama bear still worries of course!

I do want to touch on language a bit more.  When we go through assessments/evaluations some of them rate expressive and receptive language separately and some evaluations rate them together.  The one our PT uses rates them together.  That being said, it puts Emma in the 7-10 month scattered category for expressive language and solid 7-10 months for receptive language with 10-12 month scattered if they were measured separately   It is normal development for children to have receptive language come first; however, when I see receptive language progressing and expressive not following quickly (though still progressing) it is very close to what we see with Ayden and honestly, it scares me.

Despite my worries, I am soaking up every minute I have with this little girl.  The first year goes so quickly and I know I won't ever have a baby in the house to cuddle again.

Happy 8 Months, Emmalina!


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