Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Potty Training Update

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Potty Training Update Completed!  *happy dance!*

That's right.  We toughed it out and have a potty-trained little boy!  I am following a couple other Fragile X families going through potty training this summer, and let me just say we are blessed that Ayden did so well.   I hope those others begin to have success like we did soon.

We started on June 16, and by June 26 we had a couple accident-free days.  We successfully went rustic camping for 4 days with only ONE accident and as of yesterday he rode the bus to school, attended school and went while there, and came home accident-free.  Now, I want to add that when I say he's trained, he isn't telling us he needs to go.  We tell him to go potty at specific times of day and he goes.  It's not perfect, but it's not diapers either.   And while he's still in diapers at night time, he makes it through the few naps he has dry as well.

Right now, we're still having some minor issues with bowel movements.  When we were sitting him on the potty quite often with the iPad or watching TV he would go if needed, but now that we're on a schedule he doesn't like to sit on the potty for extended periods of time.  He pees, claps, and is ready to go back and play.  I can't say I blame him, but since he's not having his bowel movements at the same time each day it's difficult for me to "catch".  Luckily, he makes a face when it's happening so if I'm paying attention I can get him there.  I'm sure these will lessen the longer he is diaper free, I know they did with his brother.

So..what did we do special?  Nothing really.  After he figured out how to "go" and what was expected when we sat him on the potty, it became much easier.  You can read how we started in a previous post.  I think that's the most difficult part for a kid anyhow who is learning.  I certainly feel that keeping him in underwear all day played a good part in our success.  He felt when he went, and was not happy most of the time.  I want to add that kid boxer-briefs were much more effective at him not liking the sensation of being wet because it didn't hold the mess in like a diaper does.  He was used to feeling a little wet on his butt, but having it running down his legs was what got him most of the time he had an accident.  It was messier for me to clean, but it was worth it.  The one thing I did to help with the mess was take our crib mattress pad and set that under him wherever he was.  It got washed a lot, but certainly saved my furniture from messes.

So, while I'm no expert -these are the things we did.  I hope that our experience can help someone else out there struggling with potty training too!


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