Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Potty Training - Day 3

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My last update on potty training with Ayden took place a year ago.  That isn't to say we haven't been working on and off, but I haven't updated because it's been much of the same thing:  Ayden holding it until we put a diaper back on him either for nap or bed time or until he can't anymore then having a meltdown because he peed everywhere.

Well, Mr Awesome and I decided we would have Ayden out of diapers during the day before he starts kindergarten in the fall.  It is our only focus right now with him.  In a perfect world, we will have him going to the bathroom as he needs but ... this probably isn't going to be the case with him right away.  At the very least, we are going to work on going on a schedule - meaning that he will hold it until his "time" to go.   We know he's capable of this, because he's been demonstrating that he can hold it for months and months.  The key for now is to get him going when we set him on the potty.  The rest will come, but he won't be in diapers.

So, Saturday morning we took off his diaper and put him in underwear.  We decided as well that this time Dad was going to be the one to start off.  Ayden has always responded better to his Dad, so I did not expect any exceptions when it came to potty training.

I've read a lot of articles on training kids with Fragile X.  I sent a bunch to Mr Awesome.  We are determined to make this time work out.  So, we're starting with the basic "sit your kid on the potty until they go then cheer them on" concept.  And hoping he doesn't hold it all day.

Day 1 - We had a decent amount of accidents.  The first was at lunch time.  Then a few more in the afternoon.  Then FINALLY in the evening he peed.  We made a really big deal.  We had him dump/flush (we're using the kiddie stool).  We cheered some more.  Then about 30 minutes later he did it again.   If we could have kept him up longer to keep him going we definitely would have, but it was bed time and after skipping nap he certainly was in need of some sleep.

Day 2 - We now moved to putting him on the potty seat for 15-30 minutes with 30 minutes in between each try.  We set the timer as he gets up for 30 minutes, then put him back on.  We had a few accidents in the morning where he started to go enough to dampen his underwear but not go down his leg.  We did a morning bath, so he probably relieved himself then too.  The afternoon was much better.  He leaked just once and went in the potty multiple times.

Day 3 - Only ONE accident all day, and it happened at the very end of the day.  We also had some poo, instead of just pees!!  Sitting on the potty every 30 minutes slowly lessening the time he is actually sitting on the potty to about 5-10 minutes (or until he goes or says he is done).  By the end of the day I increased the time between sitting on the potty to 45 minute intervals.

Three days in, and we're not doing terrible.  I think only time will tell if we're just happening to catch him going.  My guess is its' a little of both right now, but really any progress is great!  I'll keep updating how we're doing as we progress.


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