Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of School 2011

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Since this is our first year of school that I've had this blog going when school starts, I wanted to start a new tradition for Ayden.  At the beginning of the summer, I was able to post our first and last day of school pictures from the first year in ECSE.  Well, this year I decided to write a letter to Ayden.  Not the typical "this is how Ayden is doing" but instead a letter meant especially for him that hopefully I can share with him someday.

Dear Ayden:

Today was your second year of pre-school, or ECSE as it's proper name.  We have a few changes this year in that you are heading to the "big kid" class in the afternoon.  It is a big change for you, as you still haven't stopped your afternoon naps and school happens to fall right during that nap time!  I know this change will be difficult for you as has any change in your habitual life, especially one relating to sleep.  I'm hopeful though that this transition doesn't last too long and that your love for school will help you overcome any issues you have with change.

I'm so glad you have the opportunity to go to a place you love for a few hours each day.  I will always prefer to have you here with me, but know that for now this is best for you and your dad and I will always do whatever we can to help you be the best Ayden you can be.

Already today, you easily fell back into the routine of waiting for the bus.  When I got your school shoes and backpack out of the closet, your entire face lit up!  We put on your shoes and backpack, then headed outside to wait for the bus and of course get some first-day-of-school pictures.  You'll probably get a good chuckle out of this when you are older because your mom always has a camera, I'm sure that won't ever change!  As the bus pulled up, you grabbed my hand and walked there with me where without looking back you got onto the bus and into your seat from last year - even buckled yourself in!  As I was talking to your bus driver, Dave, you sat very patiently just looking at us like "C'mon, I'm ready!"  I was a very proud mom seeing how independent you are becoming.  Sometimes when you're with me all the time, I tend to forget and just do things for you instead of waiting for you to do them yourself.  I'm getting better, but even moms have a few things to learn.

I'd be remiss if I didn't add in a little snippet about your brother Issac here.  I think he had the most difficult time with school this year.  He's not used to being without you, but especially not used to napping in your room alone.  He cried and banged on the door for a good half hour crying and yelling things like "A-A-BAY BACK!" and "GET UP, A-A-BAY!".  He took not having big brother around a little more difficult than I expected, but was so excited when you came home.  I don't think he looked at you once the entire evening without saying "A-A-Bay BACK!", which also happened to be his answer to his favorite part of the day.

You also were very excited to arrive home.  I arrived at the bus to find you waiting at the top of the stairs squealing with delight.  As much as you love school, I'm so glad you are just as excited to arrive home.

I'm very excited to watch you grow and change again this year.  We have such an excited few months in front of us as we will be welcoming another member to our family before school is out.  I was a lot more worried when we were welcoming your brother, but I know this time you will be just as an amazing big brother if not more.

Last, though certainly not least, remember that I love you, Ayden.  I know you probably won't remember this day when you are older, but I hope this letter will give you a small glimpse into your life as a 4 year old and you'll be able to see that the one thing that won't ever change is how much your dad and I love you.



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