Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Week Thus Far...

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As you may have noticed, I missed Research Wednesday this week...but for good reason!  We had a pretty crazy storm rip through here on Sunday night which left us without power for a few days, a non-functional sub pump, and about two inches of water in our basement.  Luckily, the power came back on well before the Thursday @11:30 PM time frame we were given (or we wouldn't even have it back yet!) and as soon as the sub pump kicked on the water disappeared from the basement.  Not-so-luckily....we had a decent amount of stuff that was damaged. 

Mr Awesome lost A LOT of his comic books.  Rare comic books that probably will not be replaced even if we could afford it.  Comic books that were up off the ground on shelves, it's just the water got high enough to soak the boxes which in turn soaked the comic books.  We dried out and saved what we could, but it's a pretty devastating loss as far as "stuff" goes.  Also on the lower shelves were a good amount of DVD's including my entire Harry Potter collection, Pirates of the Caribbean, Kingdom of Heaven, and Memento.  While the DVDs themselves are ok, the cases are not.  Most of those are again replaceable, but a good amount were also gifts from some pretty special people and it breaks my heart to have them ruined.  I'm just very thankful my Lord of the Rings Extended box set wasn't on the bottom shelf as well.

Despite the storming, power-loss, and flooding; we were still able to enjoy a wonderful Memorial Day at our friends Mark & Cristen's place.  It's the 5th year they've had it, and we just have such a great time.  The weather was sunny and about 90, which usually is uncomfortably hot in Michigan, but with the breeze it was beautiful.  They had a ball-pit/inflatable bouncy set up as well as a slip-n-slide.  I think there were about 10-15 kids there over the course of the day ranging from age 3 months to 7, but mine were the only boys!  The kids all seemed to have a wonderful time as well, I know mine came home and CRASHED.  I'm also very happy to report we didn't have a single meltdown all day - even with the amount of people and dogs around! 

So, with all this happening and Memorial Day  - yesterday was a lot of cleaning up and washing.  I got busy enough I even forgot to get Ayden off the bus!  It didn't help it was a short-day and the bus was here about 15 minutes early....but I felt pretty bad.  I don't think he even noticed, he was playing with his friend and didn't want to leave when I did get out there.  I'll make sure I resume our normal Research Wednesday next week!


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