Friday, May 13, 2011

A Special Surprise

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Just after Ayden was diagnosed, I ran across a website that was offering a merit-based iPad giveaway.  It was a very open-ended entry in that we were asked to send an email (or leave a comment) stating what and why you would use an iPad for.  I entered the contest with a short email telling a little about Fragile X, what our daily struggles are especially with language/communiction, how much Ayden loves his iTouch, and how beneficial it would be for him to have one to help with communication. 

Ayden was chosen as one of the 40 finalists out of around 350 or so entries (at this point, 20 of the finalists would be chosen to receive an iPad).  I remember getting the email and crying.  I entered, but never expected it to go anywhere.  We were informed shortly after we learned we were finalists that there would also be a $500 software allowance offered to each winner.  It was on Mother's Day though, that we found out Ayden was chosen to receive one of the iPads.  I am still completely overwhelmed.  Paired with the software allowance, we will be able to get software that will help with visual schedules, make social stories, practice handwriting and fine motor skills, and function the ability to function as what is essentially an AAC device (the regular ones can run $8-10k!)  As a side note, I will be reviewing the apps we choose for Ayden

Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough.  I only hope other children/families will have an opportunity like this as well. 

As it turns out...another opportunity like this may be coming up very soon!  Marissa's Bunny is running a raffle right now for an iPad 2.  Raffle tickets are $2 a piece, and their semi-silent business partner will be donating 5 more iPads for ever $1000 raised!  Those iPads will be given away like Ayden's was.  Please take a minute to consider donating/purchasing a raffle ticket.  You will not only be helping two amazing families with surgery expenses, but also helping to put iPads in the hands over other children that could benefit from them.  The raffle is open until May 27, you can see the full details here.


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