Friday, April 29, 2011

April Showers

Those moments we live for as parents often pass by us quickly and quietly like the passing of a gently breeze on a warm summer day. We feel the breeze caressing our skin but it is only after the breeze has passed that we tend to enjoy the coolness it brings to us. Such moments are not always fleeting and unnoticed though. When your child falls outside the nomal expectations for development or health those moments that are gentle breezes for others become glorious summer rainshowers that are reveled and danced in; where each tiny drop of rain is matched with tears of joy.

This afternoon, my house was filled with rainshowers. I was playing the "Where is..." game with Issac who was across the room getting his shoes out while I was changing Ayden's diaper and helping him put his shoes on. I ask where mommy is, where Ayden is, where his brother is etc... Lately we have been ending with "What is my name?" or "Who am I?" Today when I asked that, a little boy finally answered very quietly 'mama'. Only it wasn't the little boy I expected from across the room that answered, but the one sitting infront of me. I asked again, assuming it was a fluke..that Ayden was just babbling again, but I received the same response followed by that smile of his that just melts your heart into a giant puddle. I made sure I cheered for him the way we always do when he does something new before pulling him into my arms. And for once, it was me wetting his shoulder with tears as I reveled in my own personal rainshower.


  1. I am waiting for that word so I know how much this means. thanks for sharing. What a special moment for you.

  2. That's awesome Cort. I just want you to know that brought tears to my eyes, you've been waiting a long time for that moment. Yay Ayden!!! :)