Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1st Grade IEP!

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I'm sincerely blown away that we will have a first grader soon.  Seems like just yesterday we were bringing Ayden home from the hospital!!  We had our annual IEP yesterday, and this kid continues to blow me away.        I won't bore you with the details, but just a few highlights.

1)  Ayden will have increased time in general education (inclusion) next year.  He will essentially have only about one hour per day of 1:1 teacher time in the ASD room.  He will be in normal inclusion for everything his peers do with para support.  His speech and occupational therapy will be 1/2 pull out and 1/2 pull in where the therapists are in the gen ed room with him.  We also found out his teacher for next year.

2)  Ayden will be taking all grade-level assessments with his peers next year with slight modifications as he cannot write or speak.  While this was not written into his IEP for kindergarten, the school decided to do it anyway. We have an understanding with this team that at all possible times we want Ayden to be treated the same as typical peers - so this was one thing they added over the course of the year.

3) I posted on facebook how this was my fourth IEP but the first one I had not stressed or worried about.  I wholeheartedly credit this to his team.  They have been amazing about follow-through, communication, and pushing Ayden all the time.  Each person is invested in him as an individual and not just "one of many" of their students.  I believe our successes we've seen this year are partially due to them, partially to us, partially to Ayden, and partially to the addition of arbaclofen (stx 209) in October.   I can't look at this past year and not give credit to each of those things as they all played an equally important role.  I need to point all that out before I come to my final point...

4)  With all the success and development we've seen this year, plus the addition of normal kindergarten assessments we can truly get a picture of where Ayden is at.  We received the scores for all his assessments at the IEP.  They were...amazing.  In all areas of testing Ayden scored at or above what his typical peers do. Outside the fact he cannot write - Ayden will be entering first grade on par with his peers academically.

What a beautiful highlight to end our year on.

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