Tuesday, November 6, 2012

STX209 - Update 1

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We are one week into the STX209 trial.  The past week has been somewhat of a blur for me between the trip to Chicago (was that only last Monday?!) and all of us being sick including Ayden.  After the trip on Monday and because of some stomach issues we ended up keeping Ayden out of school Tuesday.  I sent him on Wednesday for his Halloween party and he did amazing.  On Thursday he was back again, but after over 24 hours of no stomach issues had a terrible diarrhea accident (relapse of the sickness, I assume).  The school sent him home and he was kind of lethargic and whiny all day so I Friday we kept him home again for a trip to the doctor.

So, one week out and yesterday was his first 'normal' day back in school.  Except his ASD teacher was out and his actual GenEd teacher had her first day back from maternity leave. Then mom went and changed sissy into her big girl car seat while Ayden was at school yesterday too.  We also haven't received the paperwork back from the clinic that the school needs in order to give him the trial at school.  Not a huge deal, but it is pushing back his bedtime and disrupting his schedule by about an hour.  Plus daylight savings time.  Did I mention it has been a crazy week?

Looking at all the changes in routine and sickness, I still am not sure whether we are seeing changes.  He handled everything so well, but better than normal?  I can't really say.  Our next visit is Friday, and I'm planning on speaking with his teacher to get her impressions too.   I'm hoping as the week progresses on a more normal schedule that I'll have a much better idea.


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