Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 In Review - Part 1

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I feel like this year is closing a chapter on my family's life that is going to be much better closed than open.  Each year I like to look back and reflect on the previous year, but those same thoughts of the past year bring on anxiety and panic attacks for me.  Despite all this, we did have good things going on amidst the bad and want to share a bit of our year (good and bad) with you.

January - We rang in the new year (or shortly thereafter) with our first trip to the ER with the kids, wrecking our family (and only) car, a new scar for Issac, a new (to us) van, and emergency surgery for Mom. 

Isn't the van so nice?!

February - This month was better for us.  A new sister-in-law was added to the family, followed by our first nephew!  We also did a make-over on the boys' room and had family pictures taken.

March - While fairly uneventful in pictures...March confirmed our long-assumed suspicions that Ayden indeed has Fragile X Syndrome.  It was also the beginning of this blog, which has been theraputic for me as well as helping others.  March's unseasonably warm weather had us headed to the park as well, for the first (of many) 2011 weekend park trips.

April - A month of celebration for our family! We celebrated Issac's 2nd birthday with a Cars themed party while a 90 degree day in mid-April had us heading to the zoo with some good friends of ours.  Easter brought us to Grandad and Nana's house where we had an Easter Egg hunt in the backyard and took a trip to the park later that weekend.  It was a much needed month of family and friends.

May -Not nearly as eventful as the previous month, we again had some beautiful weather though that brought out the pool and two VERY happy boys.

June - The summer always begins our "busy" season and this year was no exception.  Ayden had his last day of his first year of school - a very momentous occasion! We celebrated Father's Day with Mr Awesome's family, then celebrated my 30th Birthday as well. June also brought about another exciting change to our lives, as we found out we were expecting our third little baby (and baby was in the correct place this time around)!

Since we had so many things happening, I decided to divide this up into a couple parts. Check back later this week to see Part 2!


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